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We are a unique and differentiated learning platform, focused on practicing the language rather than delving only into grammatical issues.
At Lingo4all Languages, you will have the opportunity to reach out to people from around the world and practice the language you want. Most teachers are native speakers, which enhances learning because the students become familiar with pertinent idioms and colloquialisms.
Constant practice helps the student absorb and comprehend the language faster and more efficiently, especially when the student is talking with the native speaker.
Our teacher selection process follows rigorous stages, in which educators must demonstrate experience in teaching the language, in addition to specific technical and didactic conditions.
According to our platform guidelines, before an instructor is hired, he or she goes through at least 5 qualifying stages, namely:
1) Validation of the Curriculum Vitae (CV), which must include experience in the teaching area.
2) Completion of questionnaires that demonstrate specific skills and competencies.
3) Uploading instructor-produced videos showing some of their pedagogical skills.
4) Multiple audiovisual interviews, where the technological conditions and performances are validated.
5) The final stage, when the candidate confirms the availability to act by observing specific time zones. Also at this stage, they demonstrate that they have extracurricular knowledge and skills that are useful in the diversity of topics that can be covered in class.

In times of globalization, speaking multiple languages may become quite beneficial in your future job, career or profession. Therefore, we are here to offer language learning, aligning and customizing our pedagogical proposal with the client's needs, available time, geographic location and available internet resources. Depending on the package chosen, you can access your classes at any time, as they are monitored and stored on our server.
Now that you know a little bit about our work, please accept our invitation and come take a free trial class! Just click on the link below and schedule.

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Learn a new language by talking about things you love and enjoy.

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Learning a new language helps to improve brain fuctioning.

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Save time and money by studying a new language online.

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Speaking the native language is essential as you travel.


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