The intentional act of binding or uniting oneself to a particular course of action, program, institution, or association is referred to as ‘commitment.’ When commitment endures for a long period of time, it transcends periods of negative attitude, helps elevate levels of motivation, and further increases the probability of goal-attainment. ‘Persistence’ is the sum of intentional actions which lead to goal-attainment. In essence, persistence is ‘not giving up.’

Engaging in the Learning Process

When an individual or group fully engages in the learning process, they actively seek out new information from multiple sources on the given subject matter, beyond the information being dispensed at the moment by the instructor or what is written in a textbook. Becoming fully-engaged in the learning process is referred to as ‘active learning,’ or the state in which the learner: sets her or his own goals; develops their own learning strategies; recognizes when they misunderstand something; recognizes when they understand a concept, phrase, or word; collaborates with others for further intellectual and linguistic growth. Active learning is a vital shared goal of each Lingo4all instructor and successful student.