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The Kids Light course is designed for youngsters (children between 06 and 11 years old). Classes that are dynamic, as well as enjoyable and engaging activities. Learners build vocabulary through everyday subjects, always in an age-appropriate manner. In this program, we blend learning with enjoyment. Secondly, our course aims at assisting your child in developing their Spanish, skills, and language abilities. Engaging, conversational lessons will boost your child’s confidence in utilizing Spanish both inside and outside of the classroom, enabling them to do even better academically. Furthermore, classes may be precisely what you need if you want to improve your child’s Spanish utilizing the most up-to-date learning techniques.


At Lingo4all Languages, you will be able to communicate with individuals from all over the globe while practicing the language of your choice. Most teachers are native speakers, which improves learning by getting familiar with relevant idioms and idiomatic expressions. Constant practice allows the student to acquire and retain the language more quickly and effectively, especially when conversing with a native speaker. Lastly, Lingo4all is a distinct and diverse learning platform that focuses on language practice rather than grammatical issues.

What We Have to Offer:

-50-Minute Lessons
-In-depth discussions with native speakers or highly skilled teachers.
-The ability to pick your class times and days.
-Teachers are from all over the world, promoting a variety of cultures and accents.
-Google Platform with Voice, Chat, and Digital Whiteboard Interface.
-A mobile version of the platform.
-International Language Studies Platform, where we invite people to study a new language.

Our approach is centered on regular practice as a strategy to enhance vocabulary and hands-on- experience with the new language, and we offer numerous different possibilities for online classes. Come to Lingo4all, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Would you like to know more? To understand more about our system, we prepared a free online experimental class just for you.
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