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*** We do not require a credit card for this package! When enrolling, you pay the first month and the other monthly fees, you receive a ticket with 05 days in advance of expiration.


The Bronze Pack was developed for those who have little time available, being able to fit 4 monthly classes according to their schedule availability as it is very useful for those who do not want to lose contact with the language and at the same time would like to increase their vocabulary through conversation as a way to improve the language.
You may have started this intellectual journey earlier, but perhaps gave up after getting tired of the expensive, tedious, often large, impersonal classrooms of foreign language acquisition and presentation, so our proposition is different.
We offer classes with native teachers on their own schedule, this package is great for you not to lose touch with the language and at the same time have the experience of being able to speak with someone native in the language.

Our compromise:

50-minute lessons.
Offer Competitive Prices.
One-on-one conversations with native teachers or if you prefer, speaking your language.
Freedom to choose the best time for your classes.
Teachers in Various Parts of the World which Promotes Varied Cultures and Accents.
Google Platform with Integration via Voice, Chat and Electronic Whiteboard.
Platform with Mobile version.
International Platform for Language Studies where we promote the learning of a new language.

We have several other options for online classes, our methodology is based on constant practice as a way to increase vocabulary and familiarization with the new language. Come to Lingo4all, we are waiting for you!

Still in doubt? Ok, we created a COMPLETELY FREE online class program for you to learn about our method.

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